Aston Martin unleashes its Vantage AMR

Posted June 15, 2017

Aston Martin's fledgling AMR performance sub-brand has revealed two limited editions based on the firm's outgoing Vantage.

For it will be a rare and exclusive model with only 300 examples being built - 100 of them with 595bhp V12 engines and the rest with 430bhp V8s.

The Vantage AMR will be available as a V8 or V12, and comes in Coupe and Roadster form.

Both cars are equipped with sequential manual paddle-shift gearboxes as standard, but manual gearboxes (six speed for the V8, seven for the V12) are also available for all the old school enthusiasts. This link is reflected directly via the various colors on offer, which in the case of the Vantage AMR includes Stratus White with an Orange graphic; Ultramarine Black with Blue graphic; Zaffre Blue with Red graphic; and Scintilla Silver with Gray graphic. Although the V8 engined model makes a standard 430 hp (321 kW), the V12 AMR has been boosted from 565 hp to 595 hp (421 kW to 444 kW) here. The aforementioned Halo Pack adds a splash of colour in the cabin thanks to Lime Green welts and accents. You can spec carbon fibre parts throughout, from the front grille, side strakes, lamp infills and mirror caps right through to the door pulls inside.

Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer says the Vantage was the appropriate auto to kick off the brand's AMR line.

Also available is a "Halo Pack" which gives the sports cars a Stirling Green paint finish with lime green accents, based on Aston's Vantage GTE race vehicle, as well as a Union Jack Aston Martin badge as a no-cost option. Each exterior paintjob is matched to its own interior theme, with plenty of leather and Alcantara. There is also a choice of three different finishes for the the V8's five-spoke alloy wheels and the V12's 10-spoke alloy wheels.

The Vantage AMR seems to be the last hurrah before the sportscar is phased out. "As our most agile and athletic road vehicle, and our long-time representative in the world of GT racing, it is the ideal auto with which to introduce AMR". "Limited production numbers will undoubtedly make them extremely collectable, but they're so good to drive I'm confident we'll see many of them being enjoyed both on the road and at track events around the world". The V8 Roadster starts from £107,500 and V12 Roadster £158,500. Meanwhile, deliveries are scheduled to commence in Q4 2017.