Trump nominates Rosenworcel to serve again as FCC commissioner

Posted June 15, 2017

On Tuesday, President Trump nominated Jessica Rosenworcel to fill the open Democratic spot on the FCC.

Attempts to get Rosenworcel's re-nomination at the end of the last Congress faltered in acrimony between Senate Republicans and Democrats. The departure of Rosenworcel and former Chairman Tom Wheeler left the FCC with just three out of the typical five members, with Republicans holding a 2-1 majority.

Republican Michael O'Rielly also serves on the panel.

The Senate must confirm her to retake the position. The reported favorite for the empty Republican seat is Brendan Carr, now the FCC's general counsel. "Her renomination to the FCC reinforces that President Trump, an active user of anytime/anywhere connectivity, understands the importance of USA leadership in the digital economy and setting a market-driven, pro-innovation approach on communications and tech policy issues".

Rosenworcel, a Democrat, served as FCC commissioner between 2012 until 2017. A name that has been mentioned as a candidate is Brendan Carr, who is now the FCC's general counsel. "IIA hopes the Senate will move quickly to confirm Rosenworcel, and we look forward to working with her in the months and years to come".

Chairman Ajit Pai has used the occasion of a Republican majority to dramatically re-cast a proceeding governing business data services, to reverse broadband privacy rules, and to begin the process or reconsidering the Obama-administration agency's net neutrality regulations, as well as other measures. As such, broadband industry lobbyists and Rosenworcel were generally on opposite sides.

The White House has nominated former FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel to return as a commissioner. That could pave the way for pairing her nomination with that of Pai, who Trump nominated for another term earlier this year. "We share Jessica's passion for promoting policies that close the digital divide and ensure that all Americans, especially students, have access to the many benefits that the internet offers". Commissioner Rosenworcel is supremely qualified for another FCC term, having demonstrated her public service credentials and full command of telecommunications issues during her Commission tenure. Trump has already re-nominated Pai for another term, and the Senate is expected to approve the nomination.

"Jessica has been a tireless advocate for bridging the 'homework gap, ' a leader in the effort to modernize our 911 call centers, and a champion for freeing up more unlicensed spectrum", Clyburn said.