Who is the Villain in Spider-Man on PS4?

Posted June 18, 2017

There's still no release date yet for Spider-Man PS4, but it will be out sometime in 2018. Look out! Here come our seven favourite things about Spider-Man so far. This voice interactive Super Hero features hours of entertainment.

The toy is capable of remembering where the story left off, so kids can jump right back into them easily. "From traversing with parkour and unique environmental interactions, to new combat and cinematic blockbuster set pieces, it's Spider-Man unlike any you've played before". The toy is able to recognize phrases like "tell a joke", "let's hang out" and "tell me a story", CNET reported.

At E3 2017 Sony and Insomniac Games presented a new Spider-Man gameplay trailer which featured a glimpse of Miles Morales. There's also a built-in accelerometer, so the toy can provide commentary if it detects that it's being picked up or being shaken around. The infrared sensor enables the toy to enter "guard mode" to warn users if someone enters their room. The app can also be controlled through a smartphone via Bluetooth, although this functionality is not required to use the toy. The app can help keep track of storylines and missions that have been completed and unlock other features.

Since this new Spider-Man toy uses voice commands, it's understandable that parents might worry about privacy.

With the new generation of "Spider-Man" on the way to the movies in the next few weeks, it makes sense for toy stores to get their action figures, web slingers, and anything else that can allow kids to relive their fondest memories of the movie, and possibly some adults, too.

Spider-Man only listens to your commands while his logo is glowing. On the contrary, Spider-Man's villain has been a part of the comics for a decade now, and his name is Mister Negative. Nothing is shared or stored online, and while the toy does connect to your home's Wi-Fi network, that connection is only used for downloading software updates, and additional content.