Nintendo Mini SNES limited supply fears lead to 150% online resale markup

Posted June 28, 2017

The SNES Classic will retail for $79.99 and be released on September 29 according to the company.

Star Fox 2 was never released during the console's '90s heyday, and can be unlocked on the SNES Classic Mini by completing the first level of the original Star Fox.

Since the game's cancellation, several different versions of Star Fox 2 leaked as ROM's for avid fans to play, albeit illegitimately. The console follows the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System previous year, which was a popular gift during the holiday season.

A lot of us want to buy a Super NES Classic Edition, but the sad truth is: only a fraction will actually be able to do that.

A quick search on Ebay already shows 23 "sold" listings for the Mini NES Classic (including its global counterparts) at a median price of $199, or a 150 percent markup from the $80 MSRP Nintendo is asking for.

Fans of Nintendo who missed out on the NES Classic Edition will be delighted to know that they get another chance to get a retro console before the year ends.

The SNES Classic follows on from 2016's limited-run mini NES which was pulled from production in April 2017.

They come at a cost, though: Castlevania IV, Punch-Out!, and Kirby's Dream Course bite the dust.

The NES Mini remained incredibly hard to find throughout its short life and was then unceremoniously cancelled by Nintendo.

Although that may seem like a bummer, think about it from this perspective: The U.S. version also includes games that those regions don't have, so it's a sort of pros-and-cons scenario here.

How much does it cost and where can I pre-order it?

Add Nintendo to the list of companies capitalizing on '90s nostalgia.

In a statement to games website Polygon, Nintendo tried to assuage fears that it would not have enough SNES mini consoles available.

The SNES Classic comes preloaded with 21 classic SNES titles.