Trump's Federal Bureau of Investigation director nominee Chris Wray to testify on July 12

Posted July 11, 2017

Trump's tweets came amid reports in the New York Times this weekend that the president's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. - as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner and former campaign manager Paul J. Manafort - met with a Russian lawyer with Kremlin ties during the 2016 campaign, after being promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Trump's tweet on Comey have renewed significance in light of The Hill's Sunday report, which revealed much of the information included in the leaked memos was classified. "That is so illegal!"

The Hill's John Solomon reports that "more than half" of former FBI Director James Comey's seven memos of conversations with President Trump "have been determined to contain classified information, according to interviews with officials familiar with the documents". "It's against the law".

As Bump notes, "If Comey gave classified information to someone without security clearance to leak to the press, it's problematic. If true, this is bombshell news". Trump's tweet clarifies his expectation that GOP leadership will secure support for the bill before Congress breaks for August recess.

However, Trump's tweet does not indicate if he is reacting exclusively to The Hill story, which does not verify that the memo Comey has confirmed to have leaked to the media through a friend is among the four deemed classified or confidential.

Even The Hill's own report quotes from Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, during which he recalled preparing "an unclassified memo of the conversation about Flynn and discussed the matter with Federal Bureau of Investigation senior leadership". "And you couple that with the fact that this was confidential information - classified information, in fact - I think this is the story that should get legs, not all this nonsense about Russian collusion".

In June, we learned why Comey kept records of his conversations with Trump. It is not mentioned if any information was redacted when Comey passed along the memo.

The memo he was referring to documented a conversation where Trump allegedly asked Comey to drop his investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Petraeus's journals are very similar in this regard to Comey's memos because, among other sensitive documents, they contained notes of Petraeus's conversations with the president of the United States (while Petraeus was a general commanding US forces overseas).

Comey later detailed portions of the memos in his written testimony provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee.