Valve Banned 40000 After Steam Summer Sale

Posted July 12, 2017

Valve's Anti-Cheat system banned more than 40,000 Steam users one day after the 2017 Summer Sale ended. Often times, during the Steam sales, people who are looking to cheat the system will use the sales to get the games for much cheaper.

Nobody likes cheaters, so raise a glass this evening to the VAC team.

Over 40,000 Steam accounts have been banned for cheating, marking the biggest ban hammer Valve has swung to date.

Dot Esports, who first noticed the bans, said that VAC detected 30,000 cheating accounts before 12pm ET on July 6 alone. However, they do not seem to take into account that the system simply calculates and slapped a new ban.

By setting a record number of bans in a single day, Valve appears to be making a statement that it is ramping up the fight against cheaters on the Steam platform. Additionally, 4,972 accounts got banned due to in-game reports and this brought the total value of lost skins and other digital items to a $9,580, as pointed out in a report by Kotaku.

This is a huge number, compared to the usual 3,000 or 4,000 users banned every day.

The same month, Valve had also come under fire from the Counter-Strike community for not being able to counter Spinbot-hacking technique - which allows a player to be practically invulnerable to attacks from others in the game.

For a lot of people, the Steam bans or possible bans are not worth the hassle in terms of cheating, because the Steam bans often times are permanent. "If a VAC ban is determined to have been issued incorrectly, it will automatically be removed".