Houston Nutt Sues Ole Miss

Posted July 14, 2017

John Daughaday told Local 24, "Since we're on the topic of Houston Nutt, he kinda, I hate to say he drug us down, but when he left in 2011 we were down bad".

However, since this is the summer of lawsuits in the State of Mississippi I figure there is a good attorney somewhere drafting a class-action suit on behalf of Ole Miss football fans.

The suit, filed in Oxford, Miss., says Ole Miss breached a severance agreement after he was sacked that made them "contractually prohibited from making any statement whatsoever relative to coach Nutt's tenure as an employee of Ole Miss that might damage or harm his reputation as a football coach".

Freeze has led the Rebels the past five seasons, and Ole Miss has been under investigation by the NCAA for almost five years.

It alleges that coach Hugh Freeze and other school officials created a "false narrative" in an effort to place primary blame on Nutt for the NCAA investigation instead of Freeze.

He noted that the NCAA's original Notice of Allegations - a 47-page document detailing Ole Miss' discrepancies - featured Freeze's name "10 times" while making zero mention of Nutt.

This is like the fifth year in a row I've come here and can't talk about our players, which is frustrating because they've handled it beautifully and have been a great encouragement to me.

"I would absolutely love to share my opinion on that, but unfortunately it's a legal case and I can't comment", Freeze said.

Nutt's complaint says Ole Miss engaged in "a carefully orchestrated misinformation campaign ... to mislead the media, Ole Miss boosters, and potential recruiting prospects". Freeze, his football program and the university are scheduled to appear in front of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions later this year.

The NCAA alleges fraud in connection with a standardized test scam for former football staff member David Saunders and former assistant coach Chris Vaughn. "Coach Freeze falsely stated that most, if not all, of the NCAA's allegations involved "Houston Nutt" and his staff".

Ole Miss self-imposed a post-season ban for this season. Ole Miss is disputing that charge, among others.

Best case scenario: Pressed into playing late in his true freshman season last year, quarterback Shea Patterson, a five-star recruit, makes a quantum leap in his sophomore year and the Rebels take off on offense.