Erdogan for BBC: Only two journalists are imprisoned in Turkey

Posted July 15, 2017

The Turkish government has taken the western media to task for its alleged failure to accurately portray the events behind the bloody attempted coup which took place on July 15 past year. "We are comfortable", he said.

Trump administration officials to move forward on an extradition request against US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, one year after the failed coup attempt the Turkish government has accused Gulen of orchestrating.

Erdogan said the charges stemmed from intelligence gathered by police.

However, Serdar Klç also expressed frustration with the slow pace of those proceedings, and suggested the United States administration could take further steps outside the extradition process to censure Gulen. We will set the time frame of the state, not the West.

She said it was disappointing to note that as the people of Turkey fought back to defend their democracy, the rest of Europe merely stood by and watched. "They don't think the EU's approach to Turkey is honest", he stressed.

Speaking at an event organized for foreign capital investors in Ankara, Erdogan said: "Although we apply it on a very limited field, it is possible to lift the state of emergency in the future, which is not very far".

The protesters have issued a series of demands that include restoring parliament's authority, lifting the state of emergency, re-establishing judicial independence and releasing detainees. But such interventions were thought to be history with the election of Mr. Erdogan, who came to power with a reputation as a moderate Islamic democratic reformer in 2003. When we built the Justice and Development Party in southeastern Anatolia, we were asked to cancel the state of emergency. Did it give result? Was anybody allowed to speak Kurdish at meetings?

Near the end of his speech, Erdogan warned PYD and YPG, the Syrian affiliates of PKK terrorist organization, of retaliation in case of any provocation against Turkey.