Doctors find 27 contact lenses in woman's eye

Posted July 18, 2017

Now imagine not realizing you had 27 contact lenses stuck in your eye.

Morjaria said she hopes the episode, which occurred last winter, raises awareness for patients who wear contacts but might go long periods without getting an eye exam - perhaps because they order them online rather than in person.

She said she was unaware that the lenses were missing.

Clearly, one 67 year-old-lady from London did not get the memo as doctors found 27 different disposable contact lenses on her cornea while performing a cataract surgery on her. Morjaria noted that this was because medical professionals involved in the woman's case didn't believe at first that it was possible for a person to have so many contact lenses lodged in their eye without any reported symptoms.

The patient reportedly had not visited the eye doctor for a span of 35 years while she was wearing monthly contact lenses.

The doctors had to literally stop the operation, because if they continued, the patient would have an overload of bacteria in her eyes. All the contact lenses were stuck together. It was only when the surgeons along with specialist trainee ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria at Solihull Hospital discovered the lens.

However, the freaky and eye popping story was just detailed in the British Medical Journal.

"None of us have ever seen this before", Morjaria told OT. "She thought her previous discomfort was just part of old age and dry eye".

The woman was due to have a cataract surgery, reports said.

The cataract surgery was postponed.

If you thought a rogue eyelash or a shampoo explosion was bad, it has nothing on the pain caused by your lens slipping itself behind your eyeball. On examining her eyes with a microscope, they discovered 10 more contact lenses in her eye. "Most patients would experience significant discomfort and redness, and be at risk of eye infections".

She said that it was important that people who use contact lenses have regular check ups.