Valve Announces Artifact, a Dota 2 Card Game

Posted August 10, 2017

Valve is calling the game as the Dota card game, however, most of the details regarding it are, for this moment up, for speculation and debate. Blizzard's Hearthstone has tens of millions of players around the world, and the company isn't done reinventing the game. While Valve didn't share too many details about the game, it appears to feature a number of elements from the studio's popular MOBA, including creeps, barrack building and multi-lane strategies.

Valve hasn't stopped making games, but sometimes it sure feels like it.

Valve just announced a new game! Some Valve fans could not help but wonder if it was really necessary to release another fantasy-based free digital game.

The character pool in Dota 2 is vast and varied; something that obviously lends itself quite well to a CCG.

You can see The International tournament here and if you are watching for the first time, you can find the newcomer livestream here. Creature cards can be played and certain cards will persistent effects on lanes. Here's what we know so far. Will Valve rely on its unique game design to justify similar microtransactions?

The trailer of the game is also out, but it doesn't have much information to offer. It seems like another safe guess that Artifact will eventually be on mobile as well, but consoles are harder to say.

Brad Muir, the former Double Fine designer behind Massive Chalice and Iron Brigade, is involved in the development of Artifact.

I struggle to see many valid criticisms of Valve's proposed entry into the card game genre, especially given how little is yet known about it.

Apparently, the game involves cards, but it's not necessarily a Hearthstone clone.