IPhone 8 size leak helps create the most accurate mock-up yet

Posted August 12, 2017

As 9to5Mac notes, not every feature will be included in the iPhone 8, but at least, Apple is working on a feature which will allow users to mute notifications when they are looking at the phone. The latest tidbit to surface from the leak is that the iPhone 8 will rock a massive 5.8-inch screen. The iPhone 7, while a lovely smartphone, left many Apple users unimpressed. Most have moved on to these larger phones at this point but some still prefer the old 4-inch form factor, which is why Apple released the iPhone SE past year.

Others have noticed an unexplained potential problem with the image - the phone pictured is clearly not running iOS 11 (which will be the operating system for the iPhone 8), as indicated by the presence of bars instead of dots indicating signal strength. According to the report, the new iPhone SE 2 will be making its way out in Q1 2018, two years after the original iPhone SE. It is about the same size as the current iPhone 7, but it has a larger display with a bezel-less design. Interestingly, though, most rumours and mock-ups point to a vertically mounted array, with one lens above the other.

The first of the dummy units that were are talking about today is a black one. Many new cars now come with wireless charging pads, and if Apple is able to add wireless charging to its handsets, it will make topping up your phone way easier.

UX designer Maksim Petriv has created some mockups showing different approaches Apple could take to cope with the notch, and how these might look in different apps. It will mark iPhone's 10th anniversary, which will be launched alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Because it doesn't have any bezels, the iPhone 8 has a screen similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus, despite being only slightly bigger than the normal iPhone 7.