Swift in court over alleged groping

Posted August 12, 2017

"It was a definite grab".

She said she didn't contact police in order to protect her daughter, saying she didn't want the incident to "define her life".

Taylor Swift is fighting a historic court battle against DJ David Mueller.

"I felt him grab on to my ass cheek under my skirt".

Judd, who recently spoke about "everyday sexism" that she experienced in an encounter with airport security, thanked Swift for "taking a stand". "The first couple of milliseconds I thought it must be a mistake, so I moved to the side very quickly so that his side would be removed from my ass cheek, but it didn't let go", she explained. "It was a very shocking thing. I had never dealt with something like this before".

Taylor Swift's "grope picture" that apparently shows Mueller grabbing her butt is being used as court evidence against the DJ.

Swift had clever rhetoric against Mueller's attorney Gabe McFarland who did what he could to prove that the incident did not happen. Though, we're sure the trickiest part of this case was finding eight people who don't know who Taylor Swift is to serve on the jury.

"I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault", Swift responded.

"The 38-year-old "Say It Right" songstress revealed on Twitter Friday that she had been in "several" meet-and-greets" where she witnessed inappropriate behavior.

Dent said he was standing a few steps away from Mueller and Swift when the alleged assault occurred, but didn't act because "didn't sense danger after he touched her". She testified that "this was something I did not want known".

(7) McFarland questioned why no one witnessed Mueller grabbing Swift's backside.

Swift then countersued for assault and battery, asking for symbolic monetary damages of just US$1 (NZ$1.35).

Seated at her legal team's table in a federal courtroom, Swift chuckled when Dent testified that, after the photo was taken, he suspected that KYGO-FM host David Mueller would be at the bar of the arena - and another guard found him there. But he denied the hour-long wait left him disgruntled at Swift.

When she was pressed on why she did not alert her bodyguard backstage when the KYGO DJ touched her, Swift frankly admitted that she was too shocked to do so.

'You can ask me a million questions - I'm never going to say anything different.

Swift, who has 85 million followers on Twitter and 102 million followers on Instagram, earned $170 million in the year to June 2016 following a world tour and her best-selling "1989" album, according to Forbes Magazine.

Mr Baldridge repeatedly interrupted Mueller during an aggressive cross-examination and noted that Mueller has said he lost an audio recording of a meeting he had with his bosses before they fired him.