'Twin Peaks' Actor Booked in Woman's Baseball Bat Assault

Posted August 19, 2017

The Spokane Police Department responded to a call of a man assaulting a woman with a bat at a local business in Spokane, Washington.

Lindholm told police that he was upset because his girlfriend did not go to the store and get him some Kool-Aid before she went to work at the boutique, according to court documents.

Police concluded after interviewing the witness and the victim that the "extremely violent assault" was one of domestic violence.

Lindholm was booked into Spokane County Jail on $100,000 bond and is facing charges of attempted second-degree murder and assault along with other charges, including assaulting the victim's friend.

Video is also said to show him choking her, flinging her to the ground and jumped on her, forcing his knee on her chest.

Surveillance video showed the extent of the attack and led police to believe that the victim's life was in danger and that Lindholm was trying to kill her.

He is now being held in the Spokane County Jail on $100,000 bond. "There was information suggesting the intent of [Lindholm] was to kill the victim", according to the release.

Lindholm, 41, appeared briefly as the character Mickey in episode six of Twin Peaks revival The Return, which aired on 11 June in the US. His girlfriend has been rushed to the hospital, where she is being treated for his injuries.

However, the agency who represented Jeremy remained classy and didn't say anything bad about their former client. His talent agent, Anne Lillian Mitchell of MAM Talent Agency, gave a statement to People. We have worked with him on bookings for television, film, and commercial projects.

Graham said producers would monitor the trial, and if convicted, the actor would no longer work on the TV show in the future.

Lindholm was recently on #TV screens in an episode of Twin Peaks: The Return. "Don't forget it begins airing at 8pm this Sunday".