HTC Vive Drops Price by $200 to $599

Posted August 22, 2017

The Vive is available at a number of leading retail outlets in the UAE and later this week via HTC's new online e-store, with free shipping. Many also regard it as the most impressive VR system, although Facebook's Oculus Rift is similarly advanced. The most successful VR headset at present is still the mobile-based Samsung Gear VR. This means the headset no longer costs a hefty £759, but will instead set you back a more manageable £599.

In a bid to woo more customers, HTC has knocked £160 off the price of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

Starting today the Vive will be more attainable to the mass market by knocking off over £150 from the price tag in the United Kingdom and will still come with a free trial to Viveport. "We think now is the right time to reset the price". But the discount is good news for anyone who's been interested in the system but balked at its previous $799 price tag, especially since VR-ready computers have gotten significantly cheaper since its launch in the spring of 2016.

The Vive headset comes with two motion controllers and two sensors that deliver "room-scale" VR, allowing you to walk around and explore virtual worlds within a relatively small space in your home.

We don't know how much that has changed with the launch of the Rift Summer Bundle but it looks like HTC at least felt some pressure.

Paul Brown GM Europe of HTC Vive added: "Since launching previous year, we have been rapidly growing our ecosystem and expanding our retail footprint across Europe, to continue to reach new audiences with Vive". As for the Vive's popularity, HTC said it has a 60 per cent share of access to the Steam platform for high-end VR headsets, and over the past year Vive has maintained its lead by more than 20 per cent. This price cut comes at a ideal time too, as VR games are gaining traction with Triple A developers.