Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!

Posted August 24, 2017

You can see the reveal trailer for the three cars down below. The "Samus" Gunship' is a Metroid inspired vehicle based on Samus Aran's body armor with the classic yellow, green and red colors making it a sight for sore eyes.

Unlockable for free when the game launches, you'll be able to duke it out in a Mario NSR, a Luigi NSR and a vehicle styled after Samus' Gunship from the Metroid games.

Developer Psyonix has unveiled a Mario NSR vehicle for the Orange Team and Luigi NSR auto for the Blue Team.

Rocket League was announced for the Nintendo Switch at E3 earlier this year, where Psyonix revealed that the game would include exclusive customization options and Battle-Cars for the platform. Mario and Luigi Toppers can be used on non-licensed customizable Battle-Cars, while a Super Star Rocket Boost can be used with the Mario and Luigi cars. The second exclusive Battle-Car is Samus' Gunship based on the protagonist of the beloved Metroid franchise. Dubbed the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR, players on Orange Team will have Mario and those on Blue Team will be Luigi. Samus' Gunship also has two different variations based upon what team color a player chooses, and are styled after different Varia Suits. Players will be hoping that RNG is on their side, however, as item unlocks in Rocket League are entirely random.

As the holiday season draws closer, so too does Rocket League on Nintendo Switch!