Download: Android 8.0 Oreo Pixel Launcher Port For Any Device

Posted August 29, 2017

Some features like the Picture-in-Picture, video preview and others need to implemented by respective app developers for them to make any difference to the user experience. However, the modified Pixel Launcher that worked for a range of devices has now been updated with Android Oreo features and is now available.

The updated app precautions build on Google Play Protect, another security offering that rolled out in May. Besides the stock Google apps (YouTube, Play Movies, Music, etc), there are very few apps that can take advantage of Channels at the moment such as HBO GO. Google wants users to look for the "Play Protect" logo when buying a new Android device. Users will still be able to install applications from sources outside of the Google Play Store and other first-party sites, but they must first grant specific permission for such actions. The Pixel Launcher in Android Oreo comes with more improvements and features, but is only confined to Pixel and Nexus devices.

Below, you'll find a link to the its APK and, for those unfamiliar with the process of sideloading apps on Android, a simple guide on how to install the launcher on your device.

The tech giant added several new features for the latest Android software, including the limits for the location and execution of the apps that are running in the device's background to save memory and battery life. Unlike there's any big update, Google doesn't disclose the changelogs of this app. Motorola didn't seed Android Nougat to Moto G3, Moto E3, Moto E3 Power, Moto G2 (2nd Gen), Moto G3, and Moto G3, so it's only normal to guess that these mobile phones will not get the new firmware update either.

Google retraces the humble beginnings of the Android journey with one device on one carrier by one manufacturer in 2008 which has burgeoned into 2 billion active devices worldwide in today's date. Once that's done, you have the updated Launcher3 on your phone, complete with Android Oreo customizations.