Microsoft Has Stopped Sales Of The Original Xbox One

Posted August 29, 2017

The Xbox One S went on sale on August 2.

Microsoft targets the upper end of the pricing spectrum with the Xbox One X while the lower end will be catered by the Xbox One S which is fairly priced.

Console Deals has discovered that Microsoft's United Kingdom online storefront has stated the original console is sold out, while the us storefront only has the refurbished console available.

Although the current pre-order offering of the Scorpio Edition of the Xbox One X has sold out, the pre-orders for the normal console will begin soon. At least with the Xbox One X you don't have to worry about any of that stuff, but you are getting similar performance.

Last week, Microsoft finally made the Xbox One X available for pre-order and the new console quickly sold out.

Should you still have your original Xbox One from 2013, congratulations - you now have a collector's item! Microsoft has already revealed just how powerful the latest addition is after it promised that players will be able to engage in 4K gameplay at 60fps in the Xbox One X system.

With console exclusive games in decline and more people than ever choosing to play together in massive online multiplayer worlds it's unsurprising that cross-platform play between consoles is being hotly debated once more.

Do you still have your Xbox 360? The One S offers great features that you can't find on the original. The Xbox One X also packs a powerful punch as far as performance is concerned due to its high specs and it is also capable of rendering content at "true 4K". The Xbox One X hits stores November 7.

During a meeting with DualShockers, Greenberg said that such titles will have a lasting and beneficial impact for Xbox One. The One S is indeed a superior machine than the original Xbox One.