Minecraft Is Coming To Windows VR Headsets

Posted August 31, 2017

Windows Mixed Reality, however, will be compatible with new integrated graphics card PCs that are capable of supporting a minimum frame refresh rate standard and start at $499.

Dell Visor has 1440×1440 resolution for each eye which is same as that to HP and Acer headsets. The controller allows for "six degrees of freedom of movement in a three-dimensional space and allow total control with haptic feedback", according to Microsoft's blog, with the tracking of the controller fully done by the headset.

Sean also reports the controllers are not completely comfortable to use, but this is likely something which will vary from hand-size to hand-size.

Although Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both feature impressive, ground-breaking technology, each system debuted with prices that were anathema to even the most deep-pocketed consumer. Since the company's announcement, Sony has dropped the prices on its headset and controller bundles to $449. Watch the Windows Mixed Reality demonstration below to learn more about the new platform and what it can provide users. We can't wait to bring their content to you. The controllers have a visor that you can flip up, enabling you to see your surroundings and if you want to immerse in a session of VR, a flip will be all that is required.

Mixed reality has big potential to revolutionize industry with the ability to help train new workers and to bring gaming into your home in a new way. On the Acer one, the ring juts out from the front of the controller and is covered with constellation of bright LEDs, which are used for positioning by the headset's two external cameras. This also makes the headsets portable, so they can be carried to work. The device joins the existing fleet of other headsets being launched as part of Microsoft's new plans to democratize the use of VR and AR.

Since the virtual reality revolution started, Microsoft has been biding its time, showing hints of what it had up its sleeve with Hololens. Microsoft claims that Mixed-Reality PCs will run MR experience to the tune of 60 frames per second while Ultra PC will deliver 90 fps.

The ASUS Mixed Reality Headset sports an "digital industrial" design language, sporting an outer design comprised of 3D polygons. Whether Microsoft achieves that goal - with Apple, Google, and Facebook all ramping up the competition - remains to be seen.

One of those developers, Microsoft said, will be 343 Industries, the developers of the Halo series of games.