Korea Warns Japan of 'Imminent Self-Destruction'

Posted September 02, 2017

Japan's Ambassador to the United Nations Koro Bessho said Wednesday that he intends to begin discussions with the US delegation to the United Nations soon on new U.N. sanctions against North Korea, which continues to fire ballistic missiles.

But the US Defence Secretary, James Mattis, insisted on Wednesday that there was still room for diplomacy.

South Korean analysts said North Korea's threat against Guam and the launch over Japan on Tuesday are likely attempts to make launches over Japan an accepted norm and win itself greater military space in a region dominated by enemies.

North Korea has made it clear that it sees its weapons program, which demands regular testing to flawless, as the only way to contest decades of USA hostility, by which it means the huge US military presence in South Korea, Japan and the Pacific. "This complex mission clearly demonstrates our solidarity with our allies and underscores the broadening cooperation to defend against this common regional threat".

Speaking ahead of a meeting at the Pentagon with his South Korean counterpart, Song Young-moo, Mr Mattis said, "We are never out of diplomatic solutions".

The F-35B in the hands of US Marine aviators has excellent stealth characteristics that mean North Korea wouldn't even know if the planes were overhead.

It's the North's 13th ballistic missile fired this year alone. "I agree it was a reckless, provocative act, firing that over Hokkaido".

The Pentagon chief declined to confirm reports that North Korea could be preparing a new nuclear test, which would be widely seen as another provocative and unsafe move by the Pyongyang regime.

Experts say Kim wants a real nuclear deterrent against the United States to ensure the survival of his government and likely believes that it will strengthen his negotiating position when North Korea returns to talks. If there is any chance at all in moderating North Korean behavior, it lies in Chinese and Russian pressure on Kim.

Kim Jong Un said his nation has drawn a lesson "again that it should show action, not talk, to the US imprudently denying the (North's) initiative measure for easing the extreme tension" and stressed that it will continue to watch America's demeanor toward the North and decide its future actions accordingly.

The North apparently wanted to show off its resolve and ability to carry out the threat of striking waters near Guam in "enveloping fire", the ministry said.

In a joint declaration by visiting British Prime Minster Theresa May and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the two countries confirmed that they will work quickly to form a "new economic partnership" as Britain exits the EU.