MINI John Cooper Works GP concept is ready for the track

Posted September 07, 2017

There's a lot of aero work gone on here too, and like the last Works GP in 2012, adjustable suspension is fitted offering a lower ride height for track work. Which is kind of justified - the wide front and rear tracks, large air intakes, carbon-fibre front splitter, flared wheel arches, large rear wing, carbon fibre side skirts and those massive 19-inch wheels are all proof of what Mini is trying to convey here.

After the Electric Concept, Mini presents in Frankfurt a second study of style, this time more sporting: the John Cooper Works GP ConceptWhile Mini will showcase its electric heritage during the Frankfurt 2017 Motor Show with its Electric Concept, the brand does not forget its sporting legacy, presenting its latest creation: the John Cooper Works GP Concept. The use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber optimizes the car's power-to-weight ratio.

The body of the auto is the most audacious feature with massive carbon fibre fins adorning the panels to ensure optimal airflow and downforce at speed.

Conceived as a road-legal tack auto, thanks to a huge front apron, side skirts, air vents and rear wing, it looks ferocious even when standing still.

"The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is all about the unfettered feeling of driving and levels of performance found in motorsport competition", MINI's Peter Schwarzenbauer said. It's flanked by more conventional controls for engine start-stop and and large emergency cut-off button.


The number 0059, incidentally, references the year the original Mini broke cover.

Inside the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept features two low-mounted bucket seats with five-point belts and a roll cage.

The GP clearly isn't a vehicle for back-seat drivers - there's little interior trim behind the front seats.

The interior of the concept as easy as possible: engineers have removed all the trim, replaced door handles cloth straps, removed the audio system and climate. The wheels' spokes are painted black, while the rims are red with big GP logos.