Vladimir Putin lashes out at Donald Trump over North Korea situation

Posted September 08, 2017

South Korean President Moon Jae-In urged Russian Federation on Wednesday to cooperate over cutting oil supplies to North Korea but President Vladimir Putin appeared to pour cold water on the idea.

"Without political and diplomatic tools, it is absolutely impossible to make headway in the current North Korea situation".

The South Korean presidential spokesman quoted Putin as saying that Russian Federation was concerned that the blockage of oil supplies would hurt civilians including hospitals.

Moon said the leaders agreed that reducing regional tension and "quickly solving" the security challenges posed by North Korea's nuclear and missile program were critical.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for talks with North Korea, saying sanctions are not a solution.

He said they shared the view that the North's nuclear issue should be resolved quickly to realize the "infinite potentials" of the Korean Peninsula and the Far East region. He said the U.S. would fulfill its warnings if the UN Security Council failed to agree on additional sanctions when it meets next Monday.

A THAAD battery normally consists of six launchers that can fire up to 48 interceptor missiles, but only two launchers have been operational so far at the site in rural Seongju.

Seoul's Defense Ministry said Wednesday that four launchers and construction equipment will be moved to the former golf course where the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system has been set up.

They have raised worries over rumored health hazards linked to the system's powerful radar and the possibility that the town will become a target of North Korean attacks.

The newly elected South Korean president had requested the United Nations Security Council to consider tough new sanctions on North Korea to block its sources of foreign income, including cutting off its crude oil supply and banning its workers from being sent overseas. First up on Thursday morning a first ever one-on-one with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.