English Premier League to switch to shorter transfer window

Posted September 11, 2017

European leagues will still be able to buy and sell until 31 August, while the Football League's window also remains unaltered.

Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah shows off his skills after signing for Liverpool.

It has been announced that the league's managers have voted to move the transfer deadline to before the start of the 2018-19 season.

European clubs will "feast on" Premier League players when the transfer window deadline changes, says journalist John Cross.

Now comes the reaction from Europe's other top leagues, which normally start later than the Premier League and could follow the same procedure of closing their windows a day or two prior.

Meanwhile Pep Guardiola offered up these comments on the transfer window changes: "Unfortunately the market finishes on August 31".

This means clubs will not be allowed to register any new players after 5pm on Thursday, August 9, 2018, but they will still be able to sell players to clubs in leagues where the window is still open, as is now the case. On Thursday, the members of the league voted to close the window early. Five clubs voted against the change and one abstained.

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READ MORE Ins and outs Full list of confirmed summer Premier League transfers 2017

For many years, numerous managers have made statements disagreeing with the transfer window still being open while the new season gets underway. There are a couple of supporters of this decision, but without the agreement from all European leagues it doesn't make sense Everton's coach Ronald Koeman has already said that without reciprocation from other leagues this decision seems "silly". "The best is before starting the competitions, stop the transfer window because it's very silly".

"Because it's important to start the season with the players who will finish".

Watzke added: "The transfer period's just too long".

The Daily Express claim 14 clubs voted through the motion but the Manchester giants were not in favour of the bold change.

The situation that arose with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain playing... "We are in serious discussions over shortening the transfer window".

For City, on the other hand, it suits a club as rich and powerful as they are to keep rival teams on their toes right to the last knockings.