Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Annouced Today: Here's the Essentials

Posted September 12, 2017

Available ports include 2 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 2 USB Type-C and a card reader that supports either an SDHC or SD or SDXC card.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a direct competitor to MacBook Pro. It has 16GB RAM on-board with 1TB of SSD Storage.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro features a 15.6 inch display and the device has NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics, the notebook also comes with a full metal casing and a total of seven ports.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor located within the trackpad.

All of this so far sounds pretty good, but there's one aspect of the Mi Notebook Pro that might be disappointing for potential customers. It features a full-size keyboard, which is backlit in nature and the company says that the keyboard area is 19 percent larger than the Apple MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Xiaomi plans to bring the Mi Notebook Pro to the United States (at this time).

The company has introduced this new generation laptops via their official Twitter handle with a few images of this stunning Mi Notebook Pro laptop. The laptop offers the users with a bright and vivid array of colors as well.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro vs Macbook Pro: Pricing and Specs Comparison

Other than the screen, the hardware inside the Mi Notebook Pro seems very impressive.

Dual Harman Infinity custom speaker setup of 2.5W each. Mi Notebook Pro packs a 60 Wh battery for long battery life and comes with quick charge support. It has fast charging and a battery rated for 60WH.

The Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM variant will feature a pricing of 6999 Chinese Yuan ($1074 or Rs. 68,630 approx). The mid-range option drops the RAM to 8GB, while the entry-level Mi Notebook Pro also drops the processor down to a Core i5 8250U.

Xiaomi is shooting a number of arrows at Apple today.

The Mi Notebook Pro is one of the earliest notebooks to be powered by Intel's 8th generation i7 processor, and it has been claimed that they are 40% powerful and efficient than the last generation. That would be a nice round price for it to go on sale in the USA, and although we don't have an official release date just yet, we'd expect to see it here before the holidays.