Gmail Turns Addresses And Phone Numbers Into Links In The New Update

Posted September 20, 2017

Clicking an email link will open a new message in the user's default email application, while clicking a hyperlinked phone number will launch a call via the default phone app.

In a blog post, the G Suite team said, "Gmail users often exchange information like addresses and phone numbers with each other to set up meetings, introduce colleagues and plan events".

Once a user clicks the address inside Gmail or Inbox, they will land on Google Maps, whereas clicking an email address will open a new mail compose page in the user's default email client. Phone numbers, emails, and addresses are now clickable and will take you to their respective apps.

Google is rolling out the feature to Gmail and Inbox on the web, as well as each app on Android and iOS. In the description of this new feature (from the developers of Gmail), they suggest that an address link will link to Google Maps. The company took this step to save time of users and offer ease. In fact, until now, it was necessary to select, copy and then paste the phone numbers or addresses. This is a welcome change and will make users gmail experience better.

Contact numbers and Addresses will seem to be acting as hyperlinks on whichever processor it's being used either iOS or Android on mobile and in case of the web in the computer as well. But now finally Google came up with this added feature today. The mail included a Google Doc link, which appeared legitimate but was actually not. Google also stated the update has already been rolled out and should reflect in user's devices anywhere in the world within the next three days at the most.