Arcade Edition announced, includes all season 1 and 2 DLC characters

Posted October 06, 2017

CAPCOM Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: Should fans be angry with Capcom's new release? If this is your first time buying the game, it'll cost you $39.99. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the V-Triggers are a new, secondary one added to each character that will be chosen pre-match.

Other files that were data-mined have implied the possibility of an arcade mode for the game. "Choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games", the mode's description reads.

Extra Battle will pit players against unique enemies, such as golden-colored Shadaloo soldiers, to earn Fight Money. They only need to complete the challenges to get those rewards.

Current owners of Street Fighter V will receive all of these features with a free in-game update when Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition releases.

The DLC characters from seasons 1 and 2 included in this edition are Alex, Balrog, Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Urien, Abigail, Akuma, Ed, Kolin, Menat, and one final combatant from season 2 who is yet to be revealed. If a player wants to jump in with Arcade Edition, it'll run them $39.99 Dollars and will include all aforementioned content. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is expected to launch on January 16th.

If they do not have the Season 1 and 2 characters or missing some of them, they will not get unlocked right away.

As it's our 30 anniversary year, we wanted to celebrate by making sure Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition contained a plethora of new content. Now, details about the fighting video game have been leaked online ahead of the game developer's planned announcement at New York Comic Con (NYCC) this week.

Top 16 players of "Tekken 7" will be participating in that big tournament from around the world.