Google Home Introduces Multi-user Functions With Voice Match

Posted October 06, 2017

The Google Home platform looks like a flawless match for Nest's series of smart home products and the newly announced partnership is yielding some interesting new features. Amazon also has a kid-friendly account for the echo line. Aside from the Google Home we got back in 2016, we now also have the Google Home Mini, which offers all the features of the regular Google Home in a way smaller package, and the Google Home Max, which has full-blown stereo speakers for an enhanced listening experience.

These new integrations will function best with Nest products.

Google has expanded the capabilities of the Google Home by introducing Voice Match. So if you are a proud owner of Nest Hello then Google Home will be able to send the doorbell ring to you.

Some time recently, Spotify voice commands were just accessible on Google Home, yet now similar capacities mean Google Assistant on your cell phone.

One of the other nifty features is the connection with Nest Cam IQ, which uses facial recognition to identify familiar people. If the son says "Play my favorites", Google Home will play his favorites songs from Play Music, and not his sister's list. I should note, however, streaming is not working for me with Android TV devices. On and on, you get it. Voice Match is rolling out to available markets today and will be available from the box on new Google Home devices. It'll be read aloud in the Google Assistant voice instead of your own voice, so it's not simply broadcasting a simple voice message.