Miami Police Punch Drunk Woman At Hard Rock Stadium During Match

Posted November 07, 2017

Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said in an email to the Associated Press that the department is "gathering all of the details to gain a clear understanding of what occurred" during the altercation at Hard Rock Stadium during Miami's win Saturday over Virginia Tech.

When she wouldn't exit the section, officers had to use force. Miami defeated Virginia Tech 28-10.

A now-viral video shows a Florida police officer punch a woman in the face after she slaps him while being ejected from a University of Miami football game Saturday night.

Bridget Freitas, a 30-year-old nurse has been charged with felony battery on a police officer and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct, NBC affiliate KARE11 reported. Officers said they tried to calm her down and asked her to move to the concourse but she refused and sat on the steps according to an arrest report obtained by KARE11.

In the video, the unruly fan is seen attempting to strike the police officer in the head.

He said the investigation was still ongoing on Sunday morning.

The woman, who hasn't been identified, misses when she first tries to hit the officer holding her right leg, then lands a slap on his face during her second swing.

A man throwing away garbage Sunday afternoon at the Tuscany Place Apartments in Miami-Dade County discovered her body and called 911, according to a news release.