Demonetisation anniversary: Rahul to lead Surat stir

Posted November 09, 2017

While the Congress shared the iconic photo that had gone viral past year, the BJP shared how the man supports demonetisation.

An old man captured on camera with tears trickling down his cheeks as he stood outside a State Bank of India branch in Gurgaon to withdraw money as a crowd watched had become the face of the pain many felt in the aftermath of the drastic decision announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 previous year.

Slammed the GST roll-out by the incumbent government, Gandhi said, "We were against the implementation of GST because the Government's version was not right".

The Congress and the the BJP engaged in a slugfest on Wednesday after Rahul Gandhi tweeted a photo of former army man Nand Lal to emphasize the hardships people faced after Narendra Modi announced demonetisation previous year.

The Congress vice president posted a couplet and tagged a last year's viral picture of Nand Lal, the septuagenarian former army soldier, which showed him in tears as he waited for his turn to withdraw currency notes following the demonetisation decision.

The conspiracy department of the Congress is in a very active mode, Shah said.

"There was an attack on India's economy one year back", Gandhi told reporters in the poll-bound state.

"Some fake photograph of his has been used by Rahul Gandhi to criticise (demonetisation)".

The man, identified as Nand Lal (80), had earlier told Economic Times in an interview that whatever this government did would be for the betterment of the country and that he would support it come what may.

The BJP President alleged that Rahul Gandhi was unable to digest Narendra Modi's ever-rising popularity. "It is completely unfair", the BJP leader said. "Rahul Gandhi should share that photo as well", he said.

In his interaction with industry representatives, Gandhi assured them that if Congress was voted to power he will make structural changes to the GST. Novermber 8th is the "barsi" (death anniversary) of note ban.

The home minister claimed that the governments efforts to curb terror funding had reduced naxal activities by 52 per cent and said that a BJP government in Himachal would ensure 33 per cent reservation for women in police.