Uber gets NASA deal to develop flying taxi management system

Posted November 09, 2017

Uber is also hoping to have commercial operations ready in time for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.

The four-person flights won't become a reality anytime soon, but the company plans to demonstrate the technology in Los Angeles, Dallas and Dubai in 2020.

Uber is working with NASA to develop an air traffic management system that could facilitate the launch of flying taxis, the company said today.

The tech company has partnered with NASA to help it develop air traffic management systems for its flying taxi initiatives, chief product officer Jeff Holden said on Wednesday. That will allow their flying cars to take off and land vertically. "We've done the hard work so we can build skyports, and can get the throughput operationally to move tens of thousands flights per day per city".

The ride-sharing company is reaching for the sky with its plans for UberAIR.

The company has also partnered with NASA to develop new unmanned traffic management systems meant to enable appropriate air traffic control for aircraft flying at low altitudes in urban environments.

Most notably, the aircraft and the supporting infrastructure envisioned by the company does not exist yet.

As for how much such a trip would cost, Uber expects similar prices to those you get when using UberX.

In scenes reminiscent of the new Blade Runner 2049 film, Uber has released a promotional video showing how the flight sharing service will work.

Los Angeles will be the company's third test city. "L.A.is the flawless testing ground for new technology, and I look forward to seeing it grow in the coming years", Garcetti said.

"We are in the earliest stages of learning about this technology and how it might impact our communities, and look forward to continuing the discussion in the coming months and years", he said.

Uber wants to begin testing a type of flying taxi called a vertical take-off and landing (VToL) vehicle, which does exactly what that description suggests.

In its presentation, Uber showed how a 16-mile ride in an Uber vehicle from Los Angeles International Airport to the Staples Center downtown would usually take about an hour and 20 minutes.