Kevin Spacey Removed from All the Money in the World

Posted November 10, 2017

And while Spacey only worked on the film for about two weeks so Plummer's scenes aren't extensive, the team now has a little over a month to shoot and edit this all seamlessly into the finished film, as All the Money in the World is slated for release on December 22nd.

His role in All the Money in the World is to be recast and his scenes reshot.

Plummer "was reportedly Scott's first choice for the role of Getty, but the director was pressured into casting a bigger name", The Guardian reports. He is best known for playing Captain Von Trapp in the 1965 film The Sound of Music.

I write this all keeping in mind that, in addition to Scott's decision being the right one, it must have been motivated in large part by Spacey's newfound status within Hollywood as a financial liability-the scandal would likely have tanked the movie.

Kevin Spacey (L) and Christopher Plummer (R) attend the 13th annual Monte Cristo Awards at The Edison Ballroom on April 15, 2013 in New York City.

Spacey played the late oil tycoon J. Paul Getty in the film, which dramatizes the 1973 kidnapping of his grandson, John Paul Getty III, and the elder Getty's refusal to pay a ransom for his release.

The decision to erase Spacey comes after a string of allegations about the actor's predatory sexual behaviour. When Getty Sr. refuses, Gail attempts to sway him as her son's captors become increasingly volatile and brutal.

The 58-year-old actor was recently faced with allegations of sexual assault from Heather Unrah, who in a press conference claimed Spacey grabbed her 18-year-old son's genitals inside a bar on Nantucket Island. "It harmed him, and it can not be undone".

Spacey's career has been battered in recent weeks following Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp's revelation that he was sexually harassed when he was 14.

Spacey's former publicist said last week that the actor was "taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment".

Online, people are pointing out how unprecedented the move was to remove Spacey from the film.