Disney plans new Star Wars trilogy, TV series for SVOD

Posted November 11, 2017

Netflix should be anxious here, as another streaming service means they're not only going to lose all Disney-owned titles, they'll also be battling another platform for new content. Thankfully, according to CEO Bob Iger, fans won't need to break the bank to take part in the viewing experience.

A wicked hurricane season, falling advertising sales and a cancelled movie sapped fourth-quarter profit at Disney, the company said, leading to the first drop in annual results since the financial crisis nearly a decade ago. He added, however, that this "is in part reflective of the fact it'll have less volume", while stressing that the service will debut with "a lot of high quality".

Disney has announced that its ESPN streaming service, which it has dubbed ESPN Plus, will launch sometime in Spring 2018.

There are no details whatsoever regarding what either series will be about, but both are expected to debut before the end of 2019, soon after Disney launches their new service. It's not a insane idea; Netflix would continue to benefit from new Marvel material, the MCU could spin out more street-level heroes, and Disney keep some distance from the violent material while still reaping the reward of their success. Disney is also planning to create original films, TV shows, short-form content and more for the service. At this time we do not know what time period the show will be set in.

Disney plans to launch Star Wars feature films in a new direct-to-consumer pay service that will offer "thousands of hours" of film and television content, he said.

Analysts said the lower price likely reflected Disney's relatively smaller content slate but that the move could help the service gain subscribers quickly.

What's more, it's been revealed that Disney had set its sights on the rival studio not just to complete their Marvel Cinematic Universe, but rather to also acquire the massive library of original programming put out by Fox's TV arm. The basic plan of Netflix is $7.99, but if you want HD it costs $10.99. Netflix has five shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher) and the Defenders miniseries.

While networks like ABC, Freeform, and Disney XD are exclusively owned by Disney, they share ownership of Hulu alongside other companies. I can't get specific with you yet, because we haven't determined it yet.