Israel gives lukewarm welcome to post-war Syria 'principles'

Posted November 13, 2017

Also, Russian and Turkish president met earlier, while Iran and Israel prepare for the next phase. "A UAV that approached the Golan Heights border was intercepted by a Patriot system", said the IDF Spokesperson's Unit in a statement.

Following the announcement of the previous ceasefire agreement in southern Syria brokered by the USA and Russia, Netanyahu came out against the deal, saying it did not sufficiently address Iran's military ambitions in the area.

All these express near-future arrangements to impose a fait accompli despite the expected global agreement. The Iranian and other allied military presence, with all this quantity and depth, establishes a reality that cannot be disregarded as a danger to the region in general rather than to Israel, which has a huge destructive military power and an American ally it can rely on. The Shiite allies have sent forces to back Syrian President Bashar Assad, who appears to be headed toward victory after years of fighting. Israel has been closely watching Iran's involvement in the war in neighboring Syria.

However, even if the agreement between the major parties succeeds in suspending the fighting, we must be anxious of the indicators of a new phase of regional confrontations inside and outside Syria.

Israel signalled on Sunday that it would keep up military strikes across its frontier with Syria to prevent any encroachment by Iranian-allied forces, even as the United States and Russian Federation try to build up a ceasefire in the area.

Therefore, the new Israeli threats are against Hezbollah in both Lebanon and Syria and they aim to confront the new reality.

As for Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns against the new realities and believes that "when Daesh is banished from a place, Iran replaces it".

The reason is obvious, and it's that the Syrian regime no longer has military capabilities due to its defeats. If it hadn't been for American warnings, Jordan would have been threatened with Iranian militias marching towards its borders from Daraa.

Iran has no borders with Syria, yet it is the country with the most active military action and is the most expanding.

Takfiri groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra have never attacked Israel despite operating close to Syria's borders with the occupied Palestinian territories over the past couple of years. He is the former general manager of Al Arabiya news channel, and former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat, where this article is also published.