Israel rattled as 7.2-magnitude quake strikes northeast Iraq

Posted November 13, 2017

Meanwhile, the natural disaster was reported to be magnitude-7.2 according to the United States Geological Survey and magnitude-7.6 according to European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

In 2003, a 6.6-magnitude quake flattened the historic city of Bam, killing 26,000 people.

Tremors could be felt as far away as in the UAE after a 7.3 magnitude quake struck Northern Iraq.

Eight villages were reportedly damaged in Iran and at least six people were killed with many others injured in the border town of Qasri Shirin in Iran, Iranian state TV said.

Faris al-Azzawi, head of Diyala's provincial health department, told Xinhua that at least 140 people fainted due to the quake and were sent to hospital, but no casualties were reported so far from the collapse of some houses and buildings.

Many residents in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad rushed out of houses and tall buildings in panic. Eight villages were damaged.

Iran's IRNA news agency said water and electricity had been cut in some parts of the Western province of Kermanshah.

Shocks were felt in Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait and Turkey, news agencies in those countries reported.

Witnesses reported on social media that they felt the shocks as far as Baghdad and Mosul.

Photos and videos of extensive damage in both Iran and Iraq poured in on social media shortly after the natural disaster.