Google Home can now be used as a PA system

Posted November 15, 2017

Broadcasting that you just got out of the shower to your partner in the kitchen may be a useful message at home, but really awkward for your deskmates at work. "The addition of the Google Assistant - and with it, devices like Google Home - reflects our commitment to customer-led innovation and our expectation for continued growth of the voice-enabled smart home". Advanced sound settings have also opened up, so that you can adjust bass and treble on Google Assistant-enabled speakers, like the Google Home Mini.

The service can be activated by the use of a simple voice command, "Ok Google, broadcast", which is to be followed by the announcement the user wants to make. This may prove to be a bit hard if it's a smartphone, but at least with Google Home speakers, you can guarantee that. It's making things smarter, easier to navigate and giving you more control over the devices around you.

The initial rollout of the update has already begun, covering the regions of US, Australia, Canada and UK.

However Google announced one of the most interesting feature few days back: Google Home Broadcast Works as an Intercom System at Home.

Do you have to say "broadcast"?

Now the time has finally arrived when one can use this technology.

"Now you don't have to wear out your voice shouting up the stairs. You can also say "OK Google, broadcast 'it's dinner time" and your Google Home devices will ring a dinner bell. Once done, the message will be played on all the devices tied to the account. In other words, the NVIDIA Spot just relays information to you wherever it's plugged.

One example that Google highlights is that you can tell your family ahead of time that you're coming home by saying, "OK Google, broadcast I'm on my way home!"

Currently, the feature is only limited to English but support for more languages will come soon.

Google's help centre has more information, here.