Wenger Responds To Talk Of Wilshere Leaving Arsenal

Posted Ноября 29, 2017

As far as I'm concerned, they'll stay until the end of the season unless something unbelievable happens. "Unless something unbelievable happens there's no reason why that should change".

When asked whether they will stay, Wenger replied: "Yes, of course". For him I always consider his interest because he's an Arsenal player since he was a kid and I think about what's best for him, regardless of the decision I make.

Both Ozil and Sanchez are in the final year of their contracts and will be able to discuss terms with other clubs in January ahead of a potential free transfer at the end of the season.

"If I think it right and in his best interests for him to stay here, then I fight 100 per cent for him to stay because he's a top-quality guy and is back fit now".

'That's what we've said many times. That's what I decided at the start of the season. That's impossible to answer'.

"It looks like the chances we have (to beat Arsenal) are not the highest, but when the game starts this doesn't count".

Speaking ahead of his side's game with Huddersfield, Wenger said he expects the duo to stay for the remainder of the campaign.

Huddersfield travel south having played a high-intensity match against Manchester City on Sunday, which they eventually lost 2-1, but Wenger said he did not expect his opponents to be physically enfeebled as a result.

They then host Manchester United on Saturday, a fixture on which Wenger said he now has "zero eyes".

"It's a massive game. But they have a contract until the end of the season".