Fortnite Battle Royale: Epic Games Sues 14-Year Old Due to Cheating

Posted Ноября 30, 2017

Rogers' mom asserts that the game's EULA states Fortnite should only be played by people who can enter "legally binding contracts under applicable law", and failing that, need to obtain consent from an adult.

Epic, which has banned cheaters only to see them develop more robust workarounds, has responded by suing both distributors of the software and, now it seems, at least one user of it. "And nobody likes playing with cheaters". On the other hand, Epic is suing a 14-year-old over a YouTube dispute, a territory that's already a lightning rod for controversy in the game community because of how corporations have misused DMCA takedowns in the past. What's more, Epic Games claims that the minor has caused a profit loss but the mode of the game her son tweaked is free-to-play.

The suit said some of the players publicly boasted about cheating and encouraged others to do the same, a practice that cost Epic lost sales and profits.

The company claims the 14-year-old incurred in copyright infringement due to the fact that he altered the game's code without permission and to favor his own character in the game, which also goes against the "no cheating" rules established by the studio.

Essentially the pair were in Epic's crosshairs for their association with the website Addicted Cheats, and were allegedly using software in Fortnite that, according to the developer, had "the deliberate intention of ruining the game for other players and players who watch streamers".

"Referencing State of Delaware House Bill No. 64 it is illegal to release under age individuals' personal information by any agencies".

Epic Games has also added new Vindertech weapons to the game. Additionally she makes the point that Epic illegally revealed her son's name in the lawsuit, as he is a minor. "I respectfully request Your Honor to consider dismissal of this case as the infraction does not equate the suing of a minor by a major gaming company". Additionally, Epic is bringing back Mutant Storms in Save the World, which will reward you with tickets.

Eurogamer contacted Epic Games for a statement on the matter, to which the company replied: "This particular lawsuit arose as a result of the defendant filing a DMCA counterclaim to a takedown notice on a YouTube video that exposed and promoted Fortnite Battle Royale cheats and exploits. As we said earlier, we take cheating seriously and will use all possible means to have our games remain fun and fair and supported among gamers, the spirit of competition".