Earthquake In Delaware, Tremors Experienced in Region

Posted Декабря 01, 2017

An natural disaster that struck in Delaware Thursday rattled the Mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast and could be felt in NY and New Jersey. It occurred near 5 p.m.

A 4.4 magnitude quake hit DE, and aftershocks could be felt as far as NY.

On Twitter, the hashtag #earthquake was trending.

Caruso said he didn't expect any significant damage, given the small size of the quake.

"That is a pretty small quake", a USGS spokeswoman said by telephone.

"This is something that is rare for the northeast, at least one of this size", he said. The last time Philadelphia felt anything similar to this was 2011, when a 5.9 natural disaster hit Virginia, causing broken windows and other minor destruction. It originated in Louisa, Va. "They aren't severe but, yes, they are earthquakes".

Paul Caruso is a geophysicist with the USGS's natural disaster information center in Colorado.

"It felt like I was going up and down and the building was going up and down", he said.

The jolt was strong enough in downtown Baltimore that a smattering of residents streamed out of office towers and into the streets.

Others commented that they had not felt a thing.

"What we felt was kinda just a rumble, and I didn't quite know what to make of it and it was loud as well". "It was actually pretty scary and pretty surprising".

She said there were no signs of damage at the base, and no change was expected in its operations.

Carberry said there were no signs of damage at the base, and no change in operations was expected.

The quake, previously reported at magnitude 5.1 and then at 4.4, was centred in the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge on Thursday. It caused damage to public buildings, pipes and monuments, most notably the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument.