Don't know about others but Sanjay Bhansali has definitely offended me: Salman

Posted Декабря 02, 2017

Joshi told the panel that the censor board was yet to take a decision about the movie as it would be shown to regional and central screening committees.

The director has been given time till December 14 to give a written reply to the panel about the movie and the controversy surrounding it.

The 30-member panel comprises several actor-turned-MPs, including Hema Malini, Raj Babbar and Paresh Rawal, who are hearing out all parties to take a decision not just on Padmavati but also on other films with a historical context.

Censor Board chief Prasoon Joshi on Thursday told a parliamentary panel that the controversial film Padmavati will be certified and released after it's vetted by historians, even as filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali said the movie was based on a "fictional" theme.

According to the latest reports, the Central Board of Film Certification has taken up to two months to decide to the movie after going through the multi-level process.

The film stoked controversy over assumptions that it has a dream sequence depicting romance between Rajput warrior queen Padmini and Delhi sultan Alauddin Khilji.

Thakur wrote in a tweet earlier today, "Today at 3pm the Parliamentary IT Committee will be examining the subject "Film Industry:Problems & Challenges". Anurag Thakur, chairman of the panel, asked Bhansali why he appeared before them if he wanted the press to certify his film.

Bhansali and Joshi appeared before the standing committee, while the CBFC chief deposed before the Lok Sabha panel as well.

Though film has not been screened officially, there has been a pre-screening of the movie for a select people, including journalists, a few weeks ago.

The censor board is yet to clear the film. Responding to a query from members, Joshi is learnt to have said that the promos and songs of Padmavati had been certified.

Eight members of the panel, including Koshiyari and the two petitioners, attended the meeting.

Wondering if creating controversy was a new trend to sell the movie, the panel members pointed out that the media was giving free space due to the ongoing row and even social media had given the movie enormous space. The TMC, specifically, has raised objections over people commenting on the film without seeing it.

And the Padmavati controversy rages on.