Police find nail bomb at Christmas market in Germany's Potsdam

Posted Декабря 02, 2017

German police have said a package containing nails, wires, batteries, fireworks and powder found near a Christmas market in the eastern German city of Potsdam near Berlin did not contain an ignition device.

Brandenburg police also said that the lockdown in the area near the Christmas market remains in place and that the investigation is still ongoing.

On Monday, the Berlin market reopened on Breitscheidplatz, a large traffic island in the western city centre, behind a wall of two-metre long, 500kg concrete barriers.

But later they added that they were not sure whether it was a genuine explosive device or a dummy.

A map showing the location of Potsdam.

Police were notified about the package after it was delivered to a pharmacy on the same street as the market at around 2:30 p.m.

The Reuters agency cited the Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten newspaper, which said the package was around 40 cm by 50 cm and contained wires and electronics.

According to the Focus Online, Brandenburg state Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schroeter told reporters near the incident that authorities were still verifying whether that the powder in the package was explosive. The affected area in the inner-city of Potsdam has been evacuated.

Around half an hour later they sent a second message saying their officers had defused the device.

The controlled defusing of the suspicious object was later successfully conducted by the special forces of the German Federal Police in Berlin and Brandenburg.