IPhone Crashing Today? There's an Update for That!

Posted Декабря 04, 2017

Apple generally issues iOS updates on a Tuesday at 1PM ET / 10AM PT, but this bug has clearly made the company push its release a lot earlier than it was potentially planning. iOS 11.2 also includes a fix for a new autocorrect issue where the word "it" to be autocorrected to "I.T" automatically. The apparent culprit of this bug happens to be third-party apps that send you recurring notifications like a reminders app.

ANOTHER issue popped up to challenge Apple's software engineers when users on Twitter and Reddit posted about their iPhones crashing on December 2. If your iPhone isn't crashing yet, update to iOS 11.2 now to avoid this 12/2 notification bug altogether.

Recently we reported about the macOS High Sierra bug which was later fixed by Apple, yet its still causing trouble for some users.

The new update also brings faster charging capabilities through compatible Qi-based wireless charging accessories on the new iPhones including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

In order to get the update head over to Settings General Software Update. It also comes one month since the first major update, 11.1, was released.

Spotlight search tweaks. Before iOS 11, if you disabled an app from indexing its contents in Spotlight search, you could still quickly launch that app from Spotlight with minimal required keystrokes. iOS 11 changed that behavior such that a Spotlight-disabled app would need its full name typed into Spotlight before appearing in a search result.

If your device with iOS 11 unexpectedly restarts repeatedly on or after December 2, 2017, learn what to do.

iPhone crashing? Widespread iOS date bug wreaks havoc on December 2

Apple has issued a how-to guide for iPhone users facing a glitch after a recent iOS update caused some devices to go into a repetitive reboot.

iOS 11.2 also adds support for Apple Cash Pay.

The update is available on the iPhone 5s and later, the iPad mini 2 and later, the iPad Air and later, and the 6th-generation iPod touch.

ZDNet explains that when you receive those notifications the bug causes processor usage in your phone to spike to 100 percent.

This has been a bad week for Apple's Quality Assurance team.

In the Podcasts app, you can now swipe up while playing an episode to see a sleep timer, episode description, chapters, episode notes, and Up Next. Just days earlier, the tech giant's customers discovered a significant security flaw in the latest version of the operating system for Mac computers that allows anyone to log in without a password, potentially making private user data vulnerable. It's a shoddy example of Apple rushing to fix a critical issue and not taking the time to test it properly.