Selena Gomez stuns at awards gala

Posted Декабря 04, 2017

Gomez nearly immediately teared up after accepting the award from Raisa, saying she saved her life.

Gomez also said her surgery has made her reevaluate how she was making decisions, encouraging her to focus on herself and what was best for her, not other people.

After such a huge year, it's no surprise that Selena was awarded Billboard's Woman Of The Year, because, well, she's an incredible human being...

Selena sang Raisa's praises a third time-again, fighting back tears-during Billboard's Women in Music event Thursday night (November 30). Gomez said the award should really be going to Raisa because she "saved my life". When asked if blondes have more fun, Selena replied, "So far, it's been great I am not complaining!"

Speaking with Billboard, Selena opened up about her relationship with Instagram, where she's still the most followed person on the platform.

"What's scary is knowing she was two weeks away from kidney failure", she said. "I've never felt this proud to be a woman in the industry than I do today".

As for the Weeknd, she said they parted ways as besties, "genuinely about encouraging and caring [for each other], and that was pretty remarkable for me". Specifically this year, I would like to thank my awesome team and my family because they stuck with me through some really hard times.

Meanwhile, if she wanted to cover up her scar, she could, but doesn't plan to just yet: "When I look at my body now, I just see life". I love the people who have influenced my life.