Google removes YouTube access from Amazon's FireTV

Posted Декабря 07, 2017

Explaining the measure, Google said in a statement: "We've been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services".

Google said it is pulling YouTube from some Inc. devices in retaliation for Amazon refusing to sell many Google products, escalating a battle between two tech titans as their businesses increasingly overlap.

An Amazon spokeswoman said, " Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website".

Both companies should reach at an agreement and resolve these issues to avoid inconvenience to consumers.

Google is removing YouTube from the Fire TV streaming stick and the Echo Show smart home controller, as a spat between the search giant and Amazon continues. The latest proof of that came yesterday afternoon when Google revealed YouTube will disappear from Fire TV tablets, streaming devices and television sets.

YouTube had only just been made available on the Echo Show because of the long-running dispute claiming a 'broken user experience' for the app, however, Google remains frustrated that Amazon withdrew sale of Google hardware, such as the wildly successful Google Chromecast, in an attempt to push people towards the Amazon equivalents. Now Google has pulled YouTube again from the device as the voice control commands added violated the use terms.

Google is yanking YouTube from some Amazon products after the companies have become engaged in a bitter tow.

KitGuru Says: This isn't the first time that two or more companies have very publicly disputed the other, with customers essentially losing out, and unfortunately it isn't likely to be the last either.

YouTube will be pulled from the Echo Show today. Does the removal of YouTube from Amazon products bother you?

YouTube blocked the Echo Show's work-around effective December 5. The latter is the smart speaker that features a 7-inch screen, and Google's streaming video site had proven to be quite popular on the Echo Show.