IPhone Users Can Now Transfer Cash via Text Messages

Posted Декабря 07, 2017

Apple had hoped to include it into the latest version of the operating system iOS 11 which was launched in September.

A new "Sports" tab has also been added to the Apple TV app, so fans can see the teams, leagues and sporting events now playing or coming up soon, along with the time remaining and current scores.

Apple on Tuesday launched Apple Pay Cash, one of the simplest digital payment methods, in the USA market and this can be used by iPhone, iPad ad Apple Watch users.

Since the launch of Apple Pay in the United States, the payment service has been expanded to Canada, France, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Spain, Ireland, and Taiwan. Users can use that money to send funds to contacts, make purchases in stores or online, or users can transfer the money to their bank account. The Apple Pay Cash toggle can be viewed if the accessibility of iOS 11.2 is available in the region from where the action is initiated. When new users receive money for the first time, it's simply added to their new Apple Pay Cash card once they accept the terms. If you are receiving cash, it is stored in an Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app.

What is Apple pay Cash? And since there's no Touch ID, much less Face ID, you'll have to key in your passcode the old-fashioned way.

In a transaction, when users get paid, the money they receive is added to their new Apple Pay Cash card that lives in the Wallet app.

Is Apple Pay Cash Free To Use?

After this is completed, the Apple Pay button at the bottom of a conversation in Messages is seen.

Apple Pay Cash comes with some limitations. You can not add more than $10,000 over a 7-day period. More sports services will be added in future, Apple said.