Google pulls YouTube from Amazon devices, escalating spat

Posted Декабря 08, 2017

The search giant said it was responding to unfair treatment by Amazon, which won't sell Google devices through its online store and won't bring Amazon Prime Video support to Chromecast. But with the Apple and Amazon streaming rivalry coming to end, Apple TV hardware could eventually be available to buy on Amazon. "Especially when the Apple TV 4K is capable of delivering 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision and 5.1 sound from so many other applications - including iTunes and Netflix".

When Amazon stopped selling Apple TV and Chromecast on its site two years ago, the company gave the thin excuse that it was "important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion". And while all streaming devices offer more than just video, Apple TV goes much further in offering an iPhone-like experience on a big screen.

The current feud centres on Amazon's refusal to sell some Google devices that compete with Amazon products. Offering access to thousands of the latest movies and TV programmes, you can stream content on demand or, find Prime offers to enable you to buy and keep your favourite shows.

Attention Fire TV owners: YouTube might soon disappear from your Amazon streaming device.

Amazon and Google's tit for tat relationship has taken to new heights after Google announced on 6 December 2017 that it will be restricting YouTube access on Amazon products.

A statement from Amazon on Tuesday didn't address Google's claims. The Chromecast streaming product was removed from in 2015. The streaming devices also offer free, ad-supported channels such as TubiTV, PBS and Crackle and network TV apps (NBC, ABC, FX), which can only be seen with proof of a cable subscription and access to recent movies. As you might know Nest is now a Google subsidiary.

Google pulled YouTube from the Echo Show in September, saying that the way Amazon had implemented YouTube didn't comply with Google's terms of service.

It is now unclear why Amazon chose to reduce its audio quality in its Apple TV app to PCM stereo. As of time of writing, the product was not listed on Amazon. They want the content all in one place. "Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website". Unless a truce is reached, YouTube will stop working on Fire TV on January 1.