Lindsey Vonn Says She Won't Be Representing Trump at the Winter Olympics

Posted Декабря 08, 2017

U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, one of the biggest names slated to compete in February's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, took a shot at President Donald Trump when asked about her passion to compete for her country.

The Vancouver 2010 gold medallist said in a recent interview with CNN that she would decline the Trump administration's invitation if extended to her as a 2018 Olympian. "I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony. No, actually, I think every USA team member is invited, so no I won't go", Vonn said.

Unfortunately for Vonn, it is now possible that geopolitical forces may prevent her from realizing her dream.

In late September, Trump rescinded a White House invitation to the Golden State Warriors after star player Steph Curry said during a press conference he had no interest in visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue following the team's championship.

Vonn added: "I want to represent our country well. So no, I won't go".

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry said he didn't want to visit the White House in celebration of his team's National Basketball Association title, sparking a back-and-forth between Trump and the Warriors.

Vonn has battled with a number of serious injuries throughout her career, including a knee injury in 2013 that kept her out of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

In May, for example, Vonn shared an article regarding Trump's decision to slash federal funding for the State Department's Office of Global Women's Issues on Twitter with the caption, "What is going on??!"