'This Is Us': We figured out exactly when Jack Pearson died

'This Is Us': We figured out exactly when Jack Pearson died

The episode was nearly as anticipated as the big game itself, finally revealing to fans exactly how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died on the show. Milo Ventimiglia has assured This Is Us fans that his days on the hit tear-jerking drama are far from over. This Is Us will increase its viewership dramatically through DVR time-shifting and VOD. That seemingly innocent household appliance started a raging fire that ripped through the house, and Jack, being his regular Super Dad, went into the burning building to save his family, their pet pooch and some important possessions. "[Jack's] brother, I think is something that's going to come up relatively quickly, and play out over the next season or so", Ventimiglia revealed.

There might even be a chance for Jack to appear after death.

If your heart still hurts because you're convinced you heard Jack say Rebecca's name as he was dying (and as she was deciding between a Mars Bar and a Twix), I'm sorry to report that you were right and that your heart will continue to break into a million pieces. So, even if we get another foster kid, even if we get one tomorrow, you will always be my number one. Just like that. It wasn't the fire that took him - not directly. All that smoke he inhaled put too much strain on his heart and lungs, and Jack Pearson died of a heart attack. He sees smoke coming from the door and opens it. Rebecca is completely stunned and can't believe what she's hearing. She had to go see him for herself.

Moore then explained why she thought the scenes in the hospital were particularly sad and why it was hard for her to film the episode: "I think people were so expecting his death and the circumstances around it to be so cinematic, when in reality, it's really ordinary". And there's one exchange between Randall and William that takes on a whole new meaning. "We saw the episode together as a cast at Dan Fogelman's house last week, and none of us could speak afterwards". We were sort of speechless.

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The death was surprisingly anticlimactic to some fans.

A couple of episodes ago, the final shot was a batteryless fire alarm after they'd forgotten to pick up some batteries while on an errand.

"Jack didn't strike me as a man who was deterred by the bad things that happen in life, like his upbringing, or the death of a child [in the pilot]". "We had shot all of our other scenes there at the hospital together, but no one had told me he had stuck around, so I had no idea". It's finally time to find out how the best imperfect father figure in current TV series, the drunk who'd do anything for his family and whom you've grown to love over the past two years, will actually die. What story or aspect of Jack's life do you want to know more about in season 2 and beyond?

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