2 suspected ISIS militants from Britain detained in Syria, US official says

2 suspected ISIS militants from Britain detained in Syria, US official says

Kotey and ElSheikh were detained by Kurdish-led militia the Syrian Democratic Forces close to the Iraq border and handed over to U.S. special forces, according to the New York Times.

The news of Kotey and Elsheikh's capture was first reported by the New York Times, which said the two were detained by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces fighting the last pockets of IS militants in Syria along the Euphrates River south of the border with Iraq.

The lead executioner in the "Beatles" cell, Mohammed Emwazi, known as "Jihadi John", was killed by a us drone strike in 2015.

Kotey and Elsheikh were the two remaining members of the ISIS "Beatles" quartet who remained on the battlefield.

Former hostages who were released after being held captive by "The Beatles" said the Londoners routinely subjected them to beatings, torture and mock executions.

The US government believes the group beheaded more than 27 hostages and used torture methods such as waterboarding and electrocution.

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USA partner forces in Syria are holding two suspected Islamic State militants believed to be the remaining members of a cell that held and, in some cases, executed Western hostages, US officials said Thursday.

Kotey was also responsible for recruiting several British nationals to join the jihadis, the State Department said. The fourth man, Aine Davis, is reportedly in a Turkish prison on accusations of terrorism.

Mohammed Emwazi - dubbed Jihadi John, beheaded a number of Western hostages on video. The beheadings of Western hostages were videoed and the Britons in the unit were reputed to have treated their prisoners with a brutality that even their Isis controllers found hard to stomach.

The aim was "to allow analysts more time to pursue the intelligence leads developed from their detention and prepare raids against unsuspecting Islamic State targets", the newspaper said.

In October, the group lost its "capital" of Raqqa to the SDF.

However, the presence of large numbers of Kurdish armed forces in northern Syria has alarmed neighbouring Turkey.

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