Taken By Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

Taken By Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

It was just like any other Thursday, when Kim K posted a photo of her semi-topless on Instagram, except this time, people didn't have a problem with her being almost naked.

Registered psychologist Mitchell Howarth tells Now To Love that although there may be no issue with North taking a photo of her mum, it is the relationship dynamic between the two which might be an issue. "But this behavior makes me assume North will feel encouraged to copy her mom from such a younger age".

Kim Kardashian West might be renowned for her candid and controversial Instagram posts, but the mother-of-three is not the only budding photographer in the family.

What do you guys think?

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Just last week, Kim Kardashian was slammed by Wendy Williams after the reality star had been uploading an excessive amount of nude photos to Instagram. "WOW can you say painting fail??!" Disgusting", one Instagram user commented, while another wrote: "Honestly I've never felt weirder in my life. In the corner of the pic, you could also see a blurry figure that looked like her 4-year-old daughter.

Kim mostly received backlash from social media for her braided hairstyle. Added another, "Really hope North doesn't ask you to start taking pics of her like this!"

Kim was greeted by the purchaser of her and husband Kanye West's Bel-Air home - which was bought in November for $17.8 million.

"Everyone's hating but this is the world she's going to grow up in regardless of what her mom shows her", wrote another. Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.

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