Kobe Bryant: Five-time NBA Champion, one-time MVP, Oscar Winner

Kobe Bryant: Five-time NBA Champion, one-time MVP, Oscar Winner

Retired Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant added another accolade to his large trophy case, with his first ever award for his animated short film "Dear Basketball".

It was written and narrated by Bryant, directed by Glen Keane and Oscar Award-winning composer John Williams produced the score for the film.

"To Kobe, for writing 'Dear Basketball, '" he said. "Whatever form your dream may take, it's through passion and perseverance that the impossible is possible", Keane said in his acceptance speech Sunday. So who knows? If James puts as much work into his entertainment craft as he does with hoops then perhaps he can catch - or perhaps one day surpass - Bryant in Oscars.

"I mean, as basketball players we're really supposed to shut up and dribble but I'm glad we do a little bit more than that", Bryant said on stage.

Bryant accepted his Oscar by making a dig at some political commentary made about Lebron James recently. The derogatory statement insinuated that National Basketball Association athletes and presumably ones of African-American descent should just shut up and dribble.

Kobe told reporters that his latest triumph felt "better than winning championships".

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On Twitter, numerous elebrities congratulated Bryant on is win, which can be read below. "I swear I do".

"Dear Basketball" is a 4-minute cartoon during which Bryant narrates his feelings about retiring from basketball. You'll be depressed when your career is over and you'll come back to playing.' I got that a lot. "This is insane, man, it's insane".

"The hardest thing to do for athletes is to quiet the ego", Bryant said.

"This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the National Basketball Association", she said. My heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind.

"I don't understand. If you're all about #MeToo and you're all about believing women when they say that men who are powerful have mistreated them, how in the world does Kobe Bryant win an Oscar at this Oscars of all times to win one?"

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