Democrats Launch 2018 Midterm Primary Campaign With Packed Texas Contests

Democrats Launch 2018 Midterm Primary Campaign With Packed Texas Contests

- The final numbers for early voting in the Texas primaries show Democrats outvoted Republicans. Considering that such a thing would have seemed just this side of impossible four years ago, you'll want to keep a sharp eye on how this one plays out.

Texas Democrats haven't outdone Republicans at this point in the early-voting window in a decade. "We never could have imagined how much Mr. Trump, himself, would ignite such an energetic movement of resistance", said Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan.

Odds are you live in a "lean Republican" or "lean Democrat" district, where Charlie Cook places most of the U.S. House races.

Democratic early voting across Texas' 15 most-populous counties, the only figures available, more than doubled that of the last non-presidential cycle in 2014. The Democrats' early vote lead is a sign of enthusiasm among their base heading into the midterm elections, where Democrats are hoping to capitalize on President Donald Trump's unpopularity with their base to win majorities in the House and Senate.

Democrat Brent Wickliffe of Covington will seek the Precinct 1 justice of the peace position, which is now held by Republican Martis Ward, who will seek another term in office.

"In Texas, I think what you do have a chance to do is build a really strong coalition of Democrats, independents and fair-minded Republicans who are disillusioned with the type of leadership they're getting", Angle said.

Early voting in Texas, which lasted 11 days and ended on Friday, is way up since the last midterm elections ― a almost 50 percent increase. Congressional candidates across the state pledge fealty to the president and blast his critics. First, many more Republican incumbents are being primaried (i.e., challenged) by well-funded opponents from their own party.

On the House side, one of the higher profile elections is happening in the 27th District, which is now held by Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold. One of her 30-second ads alternates between images of Trump and Wall, while a voiceover offers attributes of the two: "Successful businessman man". These primaries will also tell us a great deal about the divisions within each political party, about which faction is dominant within each party, and about what we can expect from the Congress that will convene in 2019.

O'Rourke, who already sits in the U.S. House of Representatives for the state's 16th district, doesn't accept any PAC or corporate donations and won't consult with outside pollsters.

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In a memo posted online, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Laura Moser a "Washington insider" and blasted her comments published in a 2014 Washingtonian magazine article.

Johnston, the Democrats' lawyer, says the takeaway of the entire ordeal is simple: For Republicans, "winning at the courthouse can be easier than winning at the ballot box".

Liberal groups also have cried foul.

A congressman who has launched a longshot bid to unseat Republican Sen.

Local members of Our Revolution, Sanders' political organization, endorsed Moser soon after the party memo surfaced.

Created in 1992, the district-largely Hispanic, and comprised of parts of Pasadena and north Houston-was originally expected to be carried by a Hispanic representative, but Green managed to beat Garcia during that first race and proceeded to hold the seat year after year from then on.

The Houston seat is likely headed to a runoff.

"The Democrats are showing up in big, big numbers".

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